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The Pulsar is designed to be an all-encompassing diagnostic tool that has unlimited uses. Supporting every CAN interface imaginable (High Speed CAN for both FD and 2.0b Frames as well as Fault-Tolerant and Single Wire CAN) along with added LIN and K-line support allows the Pulsar to be used with any modern day vehicle application.

The simultaneous dual-CAN channel configuration makes the uses of this tool limitless: data acquisition, flash reprogramming, data recording, diagnostic application interface and more.

The Pulsar diagnostic tool comes with a J2534 API to support countless OEM engineering applications such as FORD DET, Chrysler CDA, GM DPS, and any other J2534 applications. Also available is our “Vehicle Talk” dll to make internal application development easier than ever.

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Multiple CAN Channel & LIN Support:
  • J1962 OBD Interface
  • Pins 6 & 14 High Speed CAN
  • Pin 12 & 13 High Speed CAN
  • Pins 3 & 11 High Speed CAN
  • Pins 1 & 9 High Speed or Fault-Tolerant (Low Speed) CAN
  • Pin 7 LIN or K-Line
  • Pin 1 Single Wire CAN

Supported Protocols:

  • GMW3089 (Single Wire CAN)
  • ISO 9141/14230 (K-Line)
  • ISO 17987 (Local Interconnect Network)
  • ISO 15765 (Network Transport Protocol)
  • ISO 11898-1 (CAN)
  • ISO 11898-3 (FD CAN)
  • ISO 11519 (Low/Med Speed fault-tolerant CAN)

OEM Engineering Support:

  • FCA/Chrysler CDA
  • Ford DET
  • GM DPS
  • All J2534 Applications

OEM Aftermarket Support:

  • FCA/Chrysler WiTECH 2.0
  • GM GDS2
  • All J2534 Applications for CAN based vehicles